Planeetta Internet Dunlop Cup, day 1


Favourites held well on to their seedings on the first day of Planeetta Internet Dunlop Cup.

Alina Tuzlukova from St. Petersburg managed to overcome first Helsinki and Talihalli based Sari Ahlblad [4] and then Hanna Rusila [3] from Espoo in tight encounters in the ladies’ elite draw. Teammate Aleksandr Shilov gatecrashed to the semifinals in the men’s second draw with a determined five gamer against up and coming Espoo youngster Touko Juntunen [3]. Experienced Timo Tulonen from Helsinki upset Espoo’s Tapio Koivu [2] in the men's third draw also in five fierce games.

Sunday morning starts off with two special streaming treats from the elite draws. Emilia Korhonen [1] faces Alina Tuzlukova at 10AM, followed by Jami Äijänen [3] vs. Kristian Rautiainen [4] at 10.30AM.

As they say in Talihalli, stay tuned!



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